What Would A Miracle Look Like For YOU?

The crazy thing about miracles is that, for the most part, they are completely subjective.  For one person a miracle means one thing yet for another it means something else.

Maybe a miracle for you might be health related, maybe it might be financially related, or even love related?

Whichever it is for you, one thing is certain… you won’t be able to manifest your own miracle if you stay the same and approach your life as you have always approached it.

Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem from the level of thinking that created it.”

Therefore, it stands to reason that if you change your mind you will change your future.


WHAT IF St. Augustine had it right?!!

St. Augustine was a fourth century philosopher whose groundbreaking philosophy infused Christian doctrine with Neoplatonism. He is famous for being an inimitable Catholic theologian and for his agnostic contributions to Western philosophy.

Although we are not affiliated with ANY organized religious doctrine, St. Augustine implied what we are now being able to prove through measurable science.

He held (in City of God, XXI.8.2) that, “a miracle is not contrary to nature, but only to our knowledge of nature; miracles are made possible by hidden potentialities in nature that are placed there by God.”


WHAT IF you could INSTANTLY shift from?

Procrastinating to Productive
Lacking to Abundant
Hurt to Healed
Mundane to Mystical
Lonely to Loved
Confused to Clear
F***ed to Free

WHAT IF you were born with all the inner technology  you need to be able to manifest your own miracles?


Principle 1 in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches us that:

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.
One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another.
They are all the same.
All expressions of love are maximal.

What if  all the technology you could ever need to manifest your own miracles and it still is dormant inside of you?

And what if it only needs to be rewired and activated?

What if you could completely reinvent your life, from a quantum level, and leave the old you behind to you can begin to experience a life that you may have previously thought impossible?


Reinvent Your Life at a Quantum Level

Imagine spending from a Friday evening until Sunday afternoon immersed in an experience that introduces you to some of the most advanced information that the world of Neuroscience & Quantum Physics has to offer to help you in your quest for making serious and long-lasting change in your life.

The information and techniques you will learn are some of the most powerful tools I have learned in my 20 years of study and this weekend will serve as an introduction to technology and practices that have the ability to help you shift.

This Weekend Is for You IF…

  • you are looking to slow down time while speeding up your progress
  • you wish to conquer your outer world by taking charge of your inner world
  • you are wishing to transcend your current world paradigm and are HUNGRY for change


It Is NOT for You IF…

  • you are just looking for ‘more’ interesting information… (this is an action-based workshop)
  • you think you have it all figured out already and unwilling to experiment with the unknown
  • you are unwilling to do what it takes to take you where you want to go.



Going through an experiential series of processes inviting you to raise your consciousness so you can heal your past, heal your body and/or create a new future possibility for you to live into.

Being able to magnetically pull a new possible future to you, full of vitality, abundance and freedom.

Learning the tools to experience miracles in your life on a regular basis.

Putting your current self to rest and stepping into a new free and fulfilled version of you.

Meeting others who are on the same journey you are.





There are only so much space in our private venue and when they are gone they are gone, so don’t delay and reserve your spot today.

Let’s do this together!

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