My job is
to help you
do your job

YOU are the Curriculum

Hey, I’m Tym.

I often get asked if I have a system or curriculum for helping folks to raise their game to the next level, breakthrough their own barriers and reinvent their reality. 

My answer is always the same, “Why yes I do… YOU are the curriculum.”

When it comes to humans looking to fulfill their potential each individual is exactly that, an individual. 

Your road to where you are currently is unique and no broad-stroked system will be able to get inside and find out the nuances of what makes you tick, what your biggest fears are, and be able to support you in manifesting a mission that is bigger than you are currently thinking now. 

That is where I come in. 

My job is to help you become the person who can impact the world at the level you know you haven’t yet attained. 

My job is to be straight with you when others are busy saying whatever they think you want them to say. 

My job is to be honest, authentic and inquisitive through deep conversations about where you need to grow and develop as a human who has the ability to move mountains so you can fulfill your higher calling. 

Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem at the level of thinking that created it, so what you and I will do is examine how to uplevel your level of thinking so you can transform into the leader you know you could be through a kind of inner alchemy. 

If this sounds like you, maybe we should get on a call and examine how we can get you to live into a new possibility that is worthy of the dreams you have for yourself. 


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“Somedays you help folks breakthrough to the next level. While other days your 9 year old shoots you in the head with a suction dart… so it goes.”  ~T

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

- Tony Robbins

A powerful conversation is

Where it All Begins

Let’s sit down in person or over the phone and see what’s possible.

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