The Invitation

My clients do what it takes to transform

Committing to the life of becoming a fulfilled person takes dedication, energy and courage.

My clients are people who implement without excuses and reap the rewards of that activity. While everyone else marvels at how they accomplish so much, they simply want to get it done. And get it done they do.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was known for authoring the statement, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

Unfortunately, most people won’t live up to that, but not you.


Are your ready for a Fulfilled Life?

When it comes down to it, why aren’t you living a fulfilled life yet?

Well, here are some things I know about you:

  • You may never actually get to being totally fulfilled… but that is on purpose. A dirty little secret high achievers have is that they want to leave some space up at the top so they have somewhere to strive for. That’s all good, and in harmony with Universal Laws.
  • What you find easy, others find difficult or even amazing. This means you have no one to really pull the big scary dream out of you and then push you to become the person that makes that happen.
  • You have fears, just like everybody else, but they happen in a different league than most. Others will often give you a look of disbelief if and when you share because they think you should just be satisfied with what you have. But you know that isn’t good enough.
  • You are constantly looking to the future and how to expand into it.
  • You delight in problem-solving and can see solutions to things much like how Neo could eventually see the ‘matrix’ in the hit movie The Matrix. 
  • You really don’t need help. You are capable and effective, but you may WANT help. The kind of help that forces you to ask bigger deeper questions of yourself.
  • You don’t have an outlet where you can be vulnerable enough to go deeper into your deepest fears and boldest dreams. Very few people will continue to tell you the truth as you go higher and higher into the realms of success. Not only that, even fewer people will actually be truthful with you because they don’t want to do something they feel might jeopardize their relationship with you.


My expertise

I have deep expertise in being able to go into the taboo topics that inhibit your performance in a manner that makes it safe and constructive.

My strength is my ability to take on any subject and normalize it as just another part of YOUR personal legend.

Others may think you crazy for wanting what you want and the upper limits you have struggled to overcome, but not me. I thrive in that conversation and have total confidence in the value of such discussion.

My clients love that I don’t get caught up in their bullshit… I mean the stories that keep them stuck. They love that I see the gold within them and that I NEVER let them live below that standard, and that is because I believe in my clients. More than your mom and dad, more than your wife or husband, more than just about anybody… and it is true.

In fact, if I don’t believe that you have the ability to become the person that can make your dreams come true, we won’t work together.


My Promise to You

If we work together, I promise that I will never support anything else but you showing up as the person you say you want to become.

I promise that I will never judge you for your fears or dreams.

I promise that I will play full out and take you as deeply as possible into the discovery and integration of new insights that will change the way you see yourself, others and the world of what’s possible.

I promise not to hold you accountable, that is not my job. My job is to help you release that which is in the way of you becoming your best self, what I call your Alchemical Self, and help you to believe in yourself the way I will believe in you.

I promise to dig deeper into you than anybody else has ever cared to do.


Is this for you?

My coaching is not for everyone.

With the investment to work directly with me being $2500 – $35000, most clients find the monetary investment the easy part. The more difficult part is MAKING the time and energy to take meaningful action towards what you say that you want.

The way you have created the success that you have enjoyed until now cannot be sustained if you truly want to be free, fulfilled and have fun along the way.

Let talk, when you are ready. 

I promise to make it a conversation you won’t soon forget.

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

- Tony Robbins

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