High Octane

Unorthodox, Bold, High Octane Coaching

I help people who now want it all.

I am a lifelong student of relationships, wellness, spirituality and trauma relief. As you likely know, these are the areas that most high performers focus on the least and do eventually catch up to you. I will help you avoid that.


What You CAN Count On Me For:

To be Absolutely Present in our coachings.

I am exceptional at hearing what is NOT being said.

Paying attention to (and calling you out on) where you are incongruent in your words, actions and deeds.

To NOT sympathize with you and your story.

To use your body’s messages to help you understand where you are caught and what you can do about it.

To help you connect the dots that you cannot see that can move the needle for you.

To not mince words (I suck at small talk).

I swear… when helpful.

To help you get from good to great.

To accelerate the transformation from success to fulfillment.

To ask the tough questions of you that all your ‘yes’ men and women you are surrounded with won’t.

To go deeper than you are currently comfortable to go.

To believe in you unlike any other.

To only show you the truth of what shows up.

Seeing the powerful magic in you, even if you can’t see it.


What You CAN’T Count On Me For:

Sympathy (I’m good at Compassion and knows that Sympathy is a poison).

Commiseration – I have revoked my membership to the “Ain’t It Awful” Club.

The NEED to be your friend – maybe we will end up as friends, but my loyalty is as your coach.

Small talk.

Doing your work FOR you.

Being your administrator – it’s YOUR life, YOU keep track.

Massaging your ego.

Saying what you WANT to hear.

Blaming (I don’t blame… and neither should you).

Coddling you.


My clients are self-motivated, super interesting people who need support and guidance in their love and personal lives and are kinda grossed out by ‘hand-holding’.

They are powerful and passionate and want to elevate the areas of their lives that are lagging.

To learn more about coaching with Tym, click here.

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

- Tony Robbins

Powerful conversation is

Where it Starts

Let’s sit down in person or over the phone and see what’s possible.

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