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The 4 Realms of Relationship 

I work with folks who are struggling in one of the realms listed below and are serious about putting in the time, money and energy it takes to shift. 

Let’s face it, it took you some time to get where you are, so it may take some time for you to become the version of yourself that can generate a new relationship experience. 

You can look at it this way:

RelationSHIT —> RelationSHI[f]T —> RelationSHIP 😉

Here are the realms of relationship I can help with:

Your Relationship with Self

Although most come to me about their relationship with an-other, a big part of that always tracks back to the relationship you have with yourself; this includes, but is not limited to your relationship to your thoughts, your emotions, and your health. 

This is where we tackle the question, “Who am I?”


Your Relationship with An-other

This realm primarily consists of your primary love relationship, but also includes your relationship with your kids, your family and your friends. These are your closest personal relationships and often the ones that cause the most challenges… perhaps I can help.


Your Relationship with Society

This is the realm that extends beyond your personal life and engages in the areas of work, career, money, lifestyle and building a vision for your life as it relates to the world at large. Often folks working this realm are looking to transform their life into a new expression. 

If that’s you, let talk. 


Your Relationship with Your Source

This relationship isn’t for everybody, but definitely is for the type of person I typically work with. This is the realm where you want to have a more intimate relationship with whatever you call God/Source/Creation/Divinity/etc.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, what matters is your relationship to it. 

When you deepen into this relationship, you have a tendency to become unshakeable. 

If this sounds like something that hits you in the right spot, it is one of my favourite realms to work with. 


Hit me up for a long, slow conversation about your situation with any of these… let’s unpack it. NO charge. 


it all starts with

A long slow conversation

… the first one is on me!

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